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To increase loyalty of application’s potential audience, attract generation “Y” to the company and its application, and to depart from the original slogan «Flaim – good messenger for all” to a new one – «Flaim – confidentiality and privacy is our priority”, to promote the bonus system with the slogan “Sharing is rewarding”.


Considering the age and interests, the most popular social networks – Facebook and Instagram – were chosen for the project popularization.

Regularly supplement pages on social network with interesting, bright, attractive and modern posts, events and giveaways. Perform a full review of interactions on social and other communication channels. Develop a matrix of responses, as well as a mechanism to improve one of the most important indicators for the company – Social Listening. Prepare materials for advertising on social networks and further promotion through contextual advertising on Google Ads.


Maintaining FlaimAPP’s Facebook and Instagram required a more detailed knowledge of the product, so a special training session by a representative of the client was made for the managers and moderators.

Visual materials – banners and short videos – were designed and prepared. Professional copywriting and the first targeted advertising campaign were conducted. Preparation for the big valuable giveaway (a car) has begun.

Social networks were filled with attractive publications, events and contests that were adapted to the main interests of the target audience, which gave a strong growth and a constant stream of new subscribers and application users.

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